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Courier Express

This service is designed to cater for extremely urgent deliveries that must reach the destination the same day, Collection will be arranged as soon as possible for dispatch on the next available flight. KODEN International have best-negotiated rates and we proudly offer competitive rates in the market.

Air Freight

This is available for collection deliveries between major International Airports. This is most suitable for time-sensitive freight that should be delivered by air with a specific weight requirement. Collection will be arranged throughout the day for sometimes dispatch overnight by express air cargo.

Sea Freight

Although this can be a Feasible mode of transporting heavy cargo and it is cost effective for tight freight budget. But it gives our client a month allowance or more from around the world. Collection will be arranged throughout major ports internationally. Which the release is normally done at one of our major ports like Durban, Cape Town harbor, therefore the delivery is performed on a door to door basis from the port.

Road Freight

The service is provided to areas in South Africa and SADC countries. This extremely cost-effective delivery service is reserved for very large, consolidated shipments that are not time sensitive, it is vitally important that material shipped via this service is safely secured. Collection will be arranged throughout the day, and goods will then be consolidated and dispatched later that evening via road. Delivery is performed on a door-to-door basis and will be achieved within 24 – 72 hours business working days. Delivery time may vary should the consignment be going to a regional destination in South Africa or abroad. Road Freight is not item specific, but generally Utilized for bulky and heavy goods

Products Sourcing

We offer product sourcing services to our client so they can have more time to focus on their business. With specifications of required products, we are able to source the product through our supplier network at feasible cost. We are able to distribute products depending on volumes and forecast planed from our customers. We handle all the logistics from procuring for the product, packaging, and shipping to our client’s door so the whole transaction is dealt one services provider. .

Clearing & Forwarding

We provide Clearing and Forwarding Services for all your Imports and Exports Consignments.

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